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Fereidoon Tavassoli MSc in Electrical / Electronic Engineering, PGCE and a member of Grimsby Institute of Engineers and Shipbuilders with a whole array of certificates from various UK Higher Education Establishments.

I’m delighted to take you through your Electrical / Electronic Engineering learning journey,  and get you to your desired educational destiny.

Our Best Compiled List of Various FREE Engineering and Simulation Software!

This includes robotics, circuits and more.
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Basic Electrical Engineering

In this category you’ll find articles that cover basic electrical laws and principles, DC and AC circuits, Basic Network Analysis, Magnetic coupled circuits, Electrical symbols, Electrical Formulas, Grounding and Safety, Electrical Energy and Power and much more.

Electrical Engineering Online Courses

Browse through the courses we have available online.
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Browse information on power engineering, control engineering, electronic engineering, microelectronics, signal processing,  telecommunications engineering, instrumentation engineering, and distribution engineering.  

Electrical Engineering Worksheets

Test your knowledge of Electrical and Electronic Engineering with our quick quizes.  Brush up on your information for tests, practice solving problems and engage your brain with unique real life situations to solve.

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